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Approved by nature

We know what you think: “All plastic is bad, right?” Well, it turns out that plastic might be fantastic if you give it a second chance. So we did. We collected post-consumer plastic waste and created fully circular plastic that retains its strength and integrity after endless recycling cycles. Introducing our 100% recycled, guilt-free, and eco-friendly goodies that are actually good, both for you and the planet.

Certified sustainability

It’s one thing to claim you’re sustainable. It’s another to have certifications recognizing the quality of our processes and products. Trash Panda garbage bags are crafted from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, with 40–60 percent derived from household plastic waste, encouraging waste reduction and lowering our environmental impact.

Our goodies


Extremely strong garbage bags are several times more durable than ordinary ones. Plus, they are entirely waterproof, so no more spills or soggy messes with our resilient bags!

Strong mega Pack

Our Mega Pack garbage bags are perfect for home or industrial use. You can stash the Mega Pack in a little drawer or on your garage shelves without a fuss.


Colorful garbage bags with playful prints can jazz up your kitchen, children’s room, or bathroom and brighten workplaces. Robust and reliable bags are great for teaching the young ones about waste sorting.


Our thin yet durable bath liners ensure your bathroom remains squeaky clean.


Sturdy bags for your everyday kitchen waste.