Why Trash Panda?

Trash Panda’s mission is to make eco-friendly choices easy, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. Much like raccoons, known as “trash pandas,” are clever in finding and using resources; we’re all about finding creative solutions for waste disposal that benefit both people and the environment, like our 100% recycled garbage bags made from household plastic waste. Let’s simplify the path to sustainable living, one trash bag at a time.

What we stand for

Keepin’ it clean

We’re all about keeping things clean and tidy, from our cozy homes and busy offices to the streets of our towns and nearby places. Because a bit of tidiness goes a long way in making the world a neater place.

Keepin’ it simple

Life is complicated. It’s good that our products aren’t. We keep things simple and stress-free to help you tackle daily challenges with ease.

Keepin’ it fun

Chores don’t have to be a drag. We’re here to add a dash of fun and make them seem like simple and hassle-free tasks.

Meet Plasta Group

Plasta Group is one of the largest European polyethylene recyclers, producers, and suppliers of sustainable plastic products. Being in the sustainable plastics game for over 60 years, they’re constantly innovating with zero-waste recycling tech, making responsible plastic production a reality. From garbage bags to PE film wonders, Plasta Group is about turning plastic waste into something cool, useful, and eco-friendly.



Trash Panda garbage bags are crafted from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, with 40–60 percent derived from household plastic waste, making them a truly eco-friendly choice for waste management. We’re certified and proud.